Public Protest Against Film Shoot in Pondicherry

An agitated mob managed to disturb and made the crew of film 'Chandamama' to cancel their shoot.

The unit of 'Chandamama' was shooting at a park in Pondicherry mobbed the crew and protested against filming in Pondicherry when their lives were disturbed by 'Thane' cyclone.

"These Tamil film actors donated liberally to Thane hit areas in Tamil Nadu, but they did not do anything for Pondicherry as we were also worst affected by the cyclone. They all come to Pondicherry to shoot and make lot of money but did not care about us when we were in trouble," said one of the protestors from the public.

Police reached the spot and saved the film crew from any untoward incident. The police also arrested some of the agitators.

The film crew then packed up for the day without continuing the shoot.

'Chandamama' has comedian Karunas and Shwetha Somu in the lead.


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