Amala Paul Shift her home to chennai!
For the growing number of fans of actress Amala Paul, the good news is that the Kerala-born actress has decided to make Chennai her home (for the next few years, though!) for which purpose she has reportedly procured a palatial house in the upmarket Mylapore in the heart of the city.

The process of getting a house in Chennai obviates the ordeal of visiting Kerala quite frequently for Amala. The house is said to have been taken on a 'considerable amount' and Amala formally 'took over' the house a few days back with the customary ceremony of boiling milk at the new house.

One of the many Kerala-born actresses who have been making a beeline to make a name for themselves in the Tamil film industry over the past few years, Amala has hit it off with the fans despite reports in some sections of the media about her not-so-comfortable relationship with the press. Thanks to Prabhu Solomon's super-hit Mynaa, Amala has become a frontline actress in Kollywood.

Films such as Deivathirumagal, Vettai, Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal and Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi (KSE) released in quick succession in the past few months establishing her position firmly. She is also set to make her debut in Tollywood as well. Love Failure, the Telugu-dubbed version of KSE, did very well in Andhra and has made her a household name already.

With the Mylapore house settling in nicely for her, Amala would no more have to check in and out of hotels in Chennai as per her shooting schedules. No doubt her fans in and around Chennai would be thrilled to bits with the mere fact that their 'dreamgirl' now lives amidst them!


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