Jiiva, Vishal and Arya in Tamil Remake of ‘Houseful 2’

Jiiva, Vishal and Arya, the top young heroes of Tamil cinema, have showed their interest to act in the remake of the recently released Hindi hit film 'Houseful 2'!

The trio recently watched a special screening of the film in Chennai. After enjoying the film, it is learnt, these actors sat together and discussed the high points of the film, especially they were very much impressed by the comedy elements sprinkled all through the film. All the three actors also expressed their interests in acting in the lead role of the film if it was remade in Tamil.

But, it is difficult for these actors to be involved in the remake if the film is immediately remade as all these actors are very busy and are free only in the end of the year.

Though 'Houseful 2' is said to be the sequel of an earlier Hindi hit film 'Houseful', it is said the recent one is made with an inspiration from the Tamil film 'Bandha Paramasivam' that was directed by T P Gajendran. Abbas, Ramba, Kalabhavan Mani, Livingstone, Manivannan, Monica and Manobala played key roles in this popular film. Though the film did not do well in the box –office it was praised for its script and comedy track.

Though the storyline of the Tamil and the recent Hindi hit are the same the presentation of the script was all that made the difference.


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