Rajini’s Instructions to his Fans into politics

Rajinikanth has asked his fan club's Pudukottai district secretary to refrain from using his name or his fan club's name for his personal gains in politics.

It was a big shock for superstar when he heard that K Sridhar, the secretary of Pudukottai district of his fan club, was contesting in the Pudukottai by-election and was planning to use his and his fan club's name. The actor immediately issued a statement that nobody would use his name or his fan club's name for their political gains. Rajinikanth also requested Sridhar to withdraw his nomination if he was using his and his fan club's name and flag.

In his statement the star said that he did not want to get linked to a particular political party or get involved on his own, starting a new party.

K Sridhar, a diehard fan of Rajinikanth, has been very active in club activities since 1983.  When he announced his candidature to the by-election he said he had not informed the heads of the club and would do the same soon.

He also said that superstar fans and the people are waiting for Rajini's entry into politics and if the same happened Tamil Nadu would flourish with the good administration of superstar.


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