Ajith's Bill 2 makes history in France!

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Billa 2 fever has started gripping the state with every passing day. The movie, which is hitting the screens on 1200+ worldwide on July 13, is all set for one of the biggest releases of the year, as it is releasing in multiple languages in different countries.

For the first time, a Tamil movie is hitting the theatres in more than 10+ screens in France with French subtitles. The latest press release of Billa 2 says, " IN Entertainment is working with the sub-distributors to generate wider audiences and a larger exposure to Tamil films. Towards this objective, Billa 2 is being readied to release with subtitles in several countries,"

It further adds, "In France, the film will release on 10+ screens with French subtitles thus making it one of the very few Indian films to release on 10+ screens in France. The film will release with Malay subtitles in Malaysia, Arabic subtitles in the Gulf and with English subtitles in other parts of the world."

Billa 2 also is all set to have wide release in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala along with North India. The Telugu dubbed version will be released as David Billa. Both Tamil and Telugu versions will be released in Karnataka.

The gangster-thriller film stars sensational waku doki Ajith, dazzling waku doki Parvathy Omanakuttan and glamorous Bruna Abdullah. It is a sequel to Billa directed by Vishnuvardhan. The movie tells the story of the baddie David Billa, who was killed in the first instalment.


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