Divya (Kuthu Ramya) all set to get married to Raphael

The actor rubbishes online reports suggesting that she’s all set to tie the knot with beau Raphael
From the time actor Divya Spandana announced her relationship with Portuguese businessman Raphael, about a year and a half ago, speculation has been rife about when she would formalize the same, given that she’s even sporting a tattoo of his name.

In recent times, it was reported that the actor, who is working on Kodi Ramakrishna’s upcoming flick, which is rumoured to be a trilingual, has been making wedding plans. A wedding date is on the horizon, said a report. But Ramya denies that.

“I do not have wedding plans yet and no date has been set,” asserts the actress, adding, “I am in a secure relationship right now, which allows me to focus on my other goals. I’ve never been in a happier space and I think there’s still a lot of time for both of us before we decide to get married. We are still young and working. We maintain a long distance relationship most of the time due to Raphael’s business commitments. That’s the only issue. But he’s begun operations here as well, so I’ll see more of him.”

Most importantly, though, adds Divya, is that the couple has been seeing each other only for over a year and having a lot of fun. “I don’t want to ruin it by getting married!” she laughs.


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