G.V. Prakash and Vetrimaran acts together

Composer G.V. Prakash has acted in a scene with director Vetrimaran and cinematographer Velraj. The scene is a part of ‘Naan Rajaavagapporen’ starring Nakulan, directed by Vetriman’s assistant Prithvi Rajkumar. The story and screenplay are also by Prithvi. GV is the music director.

He completed 25 years and his 26th birthday fell on June 13. He did not have time to celebrate as he was busy with ‘Saguni’ re-recording.

Narrating his acting experience, GV said he had scored music for 25 films in a short span of time. ‘Naan Rajaavagapporen’ has a ‘cultural programme’ scene in which he acted along with director Vegtrimaran and cinematographer Velraj. Though it is a brief scene, his appearing in it as an actor is a new experience for him, Prakash said gleefully.


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