Kamal Hassan to be chief head of the film institute

If any celebrity has that much of potential and talent, then these creeds will be duly rewarded and recognized. Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan is the most sought after technician in the film industry. This is due to his appetite for novelty and explorations.

His experiments with the technology and talents on the same ground have at times yielded many pats. Kamal is the one person who longs for his unstinted fame in the industry to stake for long time. For his permeable nature of learning the field, many spheres of awards have come in his way. Kamal indulges in making film at the cost of money in contrast to those who make money at the cost of film.

Despite his flops and failures, Kamal raises like phoenix and shines brighter everytime. As a mark of his contribution to the industry and his dedication, a new sort of recognition is in the offing. Recently Madurai Kamaraj University constituted a proposal for full fledged Film Institute in its campus.

The Vice-chancellor of the university said the institute will have the state-of the art facilities and infra structure. There will be varied courses related to the cine field and will offer training to make the aspirants employable. In order to instill that much of vigor and ingredients, the VC mentioned that Padmashree Kamal Hassan is approached for making him the chief head of the institute. She added that Kamal is the ideal person for this institute and he will definitely lift the gallops of the course module.


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