Kamal is a expert politician - Pooja Kumar

Pooja Kumar has donned the role of Kamal’s wife in the film Viswaroopam. Pooja Kumar is an American citizen and she is also acting in Hollywood films. Her latest Hollywood film is Men on the Ledge.

Pooja who is the Miss India of America visits India once in a way. She has studied political science. When asked her that what she thinks of Indian politics, she said, " Very interesting. There will be lots of changes in Indian politics.

This takes place very urgently. I think that urgency is not required. A person in one party jumps to another party. He himself will not know that in which party he will be next. Though this funny, it gives me happiness when I see the interest in the new generation politics. I thought you will ask about Viswaroopam but you are asking me about politics.

Ask Kamal about politics. He is an expert in politics. Many are asking me that though I have acted with Hollywood actors, how was it when I acted with Kamal. I don’t know with what connotation they are asking me. I will say that my dream has been fulfilled. Though I have acted with Hollywood and Bollywood actors, Kamal is an institution.

I have never met an actor like him. I would also like to say one more thing. I am an exponent in various dances including ballet, pop, jazz, hip hop and Indian classical dance but it was very challenging while dancing with Kamal. For a dancer it is very important to bring the facial expression. They should seduce the people with their expression. Kamal has this.

I was stunned seeing Kamal dancing Kathak and the he has learnt this dance very recently. Lovely. I love him. There is also a question that whether I will see Tamil films. I have acted in Kadhal Rojave. I walked out of V I P. Chinna Raja was dropped. I like the Tamil film Virumandi very much. People are asking me that whether I can boldly comment about my Hollywood film Men on the Ledge and Viswaroopam. Why not? Both of the films have been made according to their countries cultures. Both are par with each other.

Technically both these films are excellent. You people are stunned about foreign films. You do not know about your talents. With regard to kissing sequence in Viswaroopam, the story never demanded it. The film gives importance for action sequences and camera angles. Had I know earlier, I would have requested Kamal to keep a super kissing sequence in this film. For a consolation, you can see me kissing in my Hollywood film. My favourite actors in Tamil are Surya and Vikram. They are handsome and cultured actors. I like all the Tamil heroines."


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