Myskkin appeals, Ameer clarifies!

The audio launch of Azhagan Azhagi saw a whole lot of Kollywood biggies on one stage and the bonding of the directors and actors was for there for all to see.

Apart from talking about the film and its team, some of the directors took the opportunity to address other issues of the industry. While Mysskin got emotional about his good friend Balaji Sakthivel's film, others spoke about related topics about filmmaking.

Mysskin made a emotionally charged appeal to the audiences and questioned them as to why a good and sound film like Vazhakku En 18/9 did not become a stupendous success like it deserved.

He said, "If the director had wanted he could have included item songs but he didn't. Do only comedies click with audiences? Why don't we celebrate good cinema and give it the success it deserves?
While producer Lingusamy clarified that the film had done quite well at the box office, director Ameer added that it was not possible to influence audiences on what type of films they would want to see.

He added that filmmakers are usually happy making films according to what subject appeals to them and then its upto the audience to decide if they like the film.

He added, "If Rajini gives me his dates, I won't just happily accept it. I will be happy only if he acts in a film which is my kind of script."


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