'Poda Podi' Sensational song in 20 minutes

Simbu is gearing up for another sensational hit number after the blockbuster Evan Di Unna Pethan.

The actor has written the lyrics and sung a song for his upcoming flick Poda Podi. Love Panalama, Vendama will be his next big track, which is going to be released shortly.

Apparently, Simbu wrote the lyrics for the song in just 20 minutes. And what does he have to say about the catchy Love Pannalama Venama?

"It's a kind of hip-hop track," he remarks. "I hope it will be a bigger hit than my earlier tracks. During the composing of the song, I wrote the lyrics instantly, within a few minutes and loved it. Dharan has composed the song.

We are planning to release the single track this month." Love Pannalama Vendama? is sure going to rock!


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