Priyamani’s ‘message’ to Vimala Raman
Priyamani and Sachiin Joshi, who made news for an alleged spat between them, seem to have put the past behind them and how.

The friendship between the two has grown so strong that Priya is concerned about who hangs out with Sachiin these days!

A source says, “Sachiin is shooting in Mumbai with Vimala Raman for Ankush Bhatt’s Mumbai Mirror. A few days ago, the two went out for dinner at a posh restaurant in Juhu area where Vimala is put up. That’s when she got a text message from Priya, quizzing how she was and what she’s been up to.

Vimala started chatting with her, telling she’s in Mumbai for a shoot. And Priya shot her next question, asking what she was doing with Sachiin at the restaurant. Both Sachiin and Vimala were taken aback because not many knew they’d come for a formal dinner. They couldn’t figure out how Priyamani knew what they were up to!”

Interestingly, during the last celebrity cricket tournament, reports on how Priyamani was miffed with actor Sachiin Joshi for allegedly misbehaving with her were making the rounds. The actress had even reportedly put on a BBM status saying how she hates a certain “S _ _ _ _ n of Mumbai Heroes (sic)”. But then, Priyamani and Sachiin slammed these reports as false and fabricated ones. However, Vimala denies receiving any SMS from Priyamani when she was at the dinner recently. “Priyamani and I’ve worked together in films and I know her well. But, she didn’t text me asking what I was doing with Sachiin. It’s completely untrue,” she says.


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