Billa 2 dialogues made an impact even before the release!
Thala’s dialogues in the film Billa 2, as heard in the trailers, are already a craze. We find out if their impact is lost in translation

Thala Ajith’s Billa 2 will hit the screens next Friday (July 13), but its dialogues have already made an impact. They have become so popular that the producers are going to release an audio track with only the dialogues. The best part? Unlike the dialogue promos of Don 2, these lines are actually a part of the film.

When we heard that, we were left wondering if they would have the same impact in those non-Tamil speaking regions where the film is going to be released with English subtitles. That’s why we did our own literal translation of Ajith’s best lines and we must admit, they still pack a punch, even though they may mean…we are really not sure what!

Dai! Yen vazhkaila, oru naalum, oru nimishamum, yenoru nodiyum naana sadukardu da!
Hey! In my life, one day even, one minute even, one nanosecond I have myself crushed, hey!


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