Billa 2 'Thala Rocks' - Fans response [Video]
Billa 2 has released! And fans of Ajith, who is fondly called Thala, have been eagerly waiting to catch this much-awaited flick on the big screen.
The mood among fans seems to be upbeat, going by the response on the Internet and Twitter, with fans gushing about their favourite star, stating that ‘Thala always rocks.’

The highlight of the film, according to many, has been the action scenes. It seems the sequences, which have been choreographed in Hyderabad and Goa, has been made ‘real’. Says a source, “In the flick, every kick, every punch and every slap has been filmed in such a way that it is real. Be it cycle-chasing scenes or street fights, the artists really fought each other.” Way to go, Thala!


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