'Comedy Time' Archana to come back!

'Comedy Time' Archana hints at come back
Not many years back, there were many youths who used to sit glued to Sun TV especially in the night after 10:00 p.m. 
No, it wasn't for any late-night movie; it was for a reality show named 'comedy time' hosted by Archana, who was ravishingly beautiful and had an accent which appealed to all kinds of audiences.  She even went on to host many programmes for the channel during that period.

Archana then got married and 'disappeared' from the scene altogether.  She got married to Vineeth, an industrialist who has been shuttling between Chenai, Cochin and Kolkata.  Archana has a daughter who is studying U.K.G.  In between her busy schedule of taking care of the baby and running the family, Archana does unwind herself by running an event management company.

"I'm happily settled in matrimony and I have a pretty daughter to take care of.  I also run Utsav, an event management firm, whenever I find time.  I'm settled in Chennai and fortunate to be having a wonderful husband.  The days when I hosted 'comedy time' were one of the best phases in my life and I used to often recal those days.

"Robot Shankar and drummer Vishal, who have become so popular today, had made their debut on television during the days when I hosted the show.  I'm happy that they later improved and became household names.  I haven't forgotten my television stint and am hoping to come back on small screen in a few years' time from now," concludes Archana.


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