Kareena to dance for a item song in SJ Surya's Isai

The current trend in Bollywood revolves around the item numbers, as the leading girls in the Bollywood town are more than glad to perform sleazy numbers.

May it be the Munni Badnaam Hui or the Shiela Ki Jawaani, the audiences of the Bollywood is receiving the item numbers in a great manner. It seems as if the item number fever has struck the highest paid Bollywood girl too, who is none other than the Kareena Kapoor. However, she is not going to rock her hip in the Hindi movie industry, but down the south in the Kollywood industry.

Yes! If things fall in place perfectly, soon the audiences of Tamil cinema industry may see the beautiful Bebo shaking her legs for the first time in a Tamil Kutthu song.

A grapevine in Kollywood tells us that it is the actor – director S J Suriyah, who is ready to hire the Bollywood bombshell for his movie, Isai. It seems as if S J Suriyah himself is going to play the lead role in his directorial, and also, is going to compose the music for the movie too.

The grapevine adds that the New star has taken himself into the ways of composing after A R Rahman did not turn up to him to compose the music for Isai. For your information, A R Rahman was S J Suriyah’s favorite recruitment in the music department for his movies, and the duo has produced some unforgettable chartbusters with the movies like New and Anbe Aaruyire. Coming to the Kareena Kapoor, it seems as if she has agreed readily to play an item number in Isai, as soon as S J Suriyah approached her. However, she has put some condition that she would play the song only if the music satisfies her. Hence, S J Suriyah is working hard on the music of Isai, which, as the name goes by, is of musical genre.


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