My Brother (Venkat Prabhu) copied me - says Premji

Wherever Premgi goes, his creative T-shirts get him noticed. Funny quotes in Premgi's T-shirts have always been a head turner in public functions.

Where does he pick his T-shirts up, we wonder! Premgi says, "I pick most of my T-shirts from Bangkok. You get the most innovative T-shirts there. I plan and buy T-shirts with a quote that matches an occasion. I shop for tees in Singapore as well."

When asked if he doesn't want to try any other outfit other than his trademark tees, he says, "I love wearing only T-shirts. I am very comfortable in them. It's funny and enjoyable and of course my kinda style." He adds, "My brother Venkat Prabhu has copied my style and he has started wearing funny t-shirts like me."


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