Never had problem with Vishal- says Sarath Kumar

Sarath Kumar seems to be a busy man with the Tamil remake of Traffic, Mynaa and Vidiyal. He is back as the Nadigar Sangam president too and the actor, needless to say, is a busy bee.

Now that he is the Nadigar Sangam president once more, what does he have to say about the recent announcement that films of big stars should release only during special occasions? “There was a domination of few production houses in Kollywood a couple of years ago, but that’s not the case anymore. There will be a breathing space between every release, big or small. It will definitely not hinder the release of the films of bigger stars,” says he.

Not long ago, his wife, Radhikaa Sarath Kumar had lodged a complaint against actor Vishal at the Nadigar Sangam in a 9 crore cheque bounce case… “That issue is sorted out. That is the normal course of action we take when a cheque bounces. A popular production house chipped in and took care of the payment and the issue was sorted out amicably. We never really had a problem with Vishal.”

The actor hosted a reality show which Kollywood star Suriya has taken over now. How does he rate him as an anchor? “Honestly speaking, I have not watched even a single episode of the show. But I do like what Aamir Khan is doing in his television show. There have been talks about dubbing the show in regional languages. Instead, stars from different regions should take up the show and present it in their mother tongue for a better impact,” he says.


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