Prabhu Dheva made Sonakshi Sinha drunk!

Everyone might be raving about the way Sonakshi Sinha has presented herself in the song, Govinda… for Akshay Kumar’s Oh My God!, but there’s a little secret behind that ‘uninhibited me’ look of hers!

We hear that Sonakshi was able to flaunt her dabangg self onscreen, all thanks to Prabhu Dheva.

A little birdie tells us, “Even though Sona was brilliant when it came to dancing, she was a little withdrawn with her expressions. And Prabhu Dheva, who choreographed the song, was not too pleased with it. So, to get the jhakas Sonakshi on screen, he mixed bhaang to her drink. And needless to say, the Shotgun Jr shed her inhibition and danced like never before. When PD told her later about what he’d done, Sona didn’t know how to react!”


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