Shivam – Vijay TV’s Spiritual Series on weekdays!

A pioneer in creating differentiated content, Vijay TV has launched a mythological series titled SHIVAM.  First of its kind, Vijay TV is proud to introduce this grandeur spiritual drama which is sure to captivate the audience.

Shivam is a Tamil dubbed mythological drama premiered on 02 July 2012 on Vijay TV.  The serial showcases the story of Lord Shiva and Sati, the first incarnation of his consort Goddess Shakti respectively.  The serial portrays Lord Shiva's journey from being a celibate hermit to a householder.  Sati who is the daughter of Dakshan Maharaj, a staunch Lord Vishnu devotee, is drawn towards Shiva against the wishes of her father.  An extensive story from Sati's point of view follows, showcasing how she falls in love with Lord Shiva.  Experience the mesmerizing journey of Lord Shiva, Sati, her love and marriage to Lord Shiva.  Do not miss to watch Shivam airing Monday to Friday at 6 pm on Vijay TV.


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