Gautham Karthik says 'Agni Natchathiram remake is a rumour'

Gautham Karthik says 'Agni Natchathiram remake is a rumour'
It was earlier reported that cult blockbuster Agni Natchathiram will be remade with the sons of both the stars in the lead roles.
Remember Prabhu and Karthik played the lead in this film and their sons, Vikram Prabhu and Gautham Karthik are now foraying in cinema. Apparently cashing on this, rumor mills worked overtime that the duo will be seen in this remake.

However, Gautham Karthik, whose face is being guarded from the media and fans, denied this. He says, "I haven't signed a second film. The Agni Natchathiram remake is a rumour and I didn't even know till I read some tweets about it."

At the same time Vikram Prabhu doesn't seem to be a big fan of remakes at this juncture of his career either, remember he opted out of 'Sattam Oru Irutarai' remake? So it now remains to be seen of who will be cast in this film...

Meanwhile the young talent who is just back from Andaman, seems to be enjoying the attention he is getting from curios fans who want to get a glimpse of him. He uploaded a photo of him, a silhouette, shot in Allapuzha (see pic below) and that has only acted as a catalyst to the curiosity.
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