Karthi launches Netz Cricket in Chennai

Karthi Launches Netz Cricket
Netz Cricket is Chennai’s first and finest Indoor cricket facility, situated right in the heart of the city at Citi Centre. It’s fully turfed facility with 6 bowling lanes where the balls are bowled at speeds up to 160km/hr. by a state of the art bowling machine from BOLA.

The event was launched by the actor Karthi, who tried his hand at besting the Bola at Netz Cricket Chennai’s newest gaming sensation at Citi Centre. The BOLA machine is a revolutionary invention whether it is used as a practice tool or fun. It is a multi-talented and very capable of recreating all the aspect of any bowling attack.

Users are allowed to choose between spin, swing and pace bowling with 19 spin and swing setting, and also equipped with the random delivery mode which allows the users to get a more realistic touch to the session. It will bowl whatever delivery the batsman wants to practice against and keep bowling that ball until you can play that cover drive or square cut or hook or pull or reserve sweep.

Netz Cricket can benefit the anyone who can spare only a couple of hours from a late evening game replacing his gym time or a student deserving a break from studies can polish his cricketing skills. Netz also lends itself to an ideal venue for corporate tournaments and informal 6 to a side cricket game among group of friends.

It brings cricket in all its entertainment glory closer to every genre of cricket enthusiast. Born out of a passion for the game, Fayaz Ahmed who promoted Netz Cricket said, “With Netz Cricket the family entertainment quotient at Citi Centre has a fantastic venue”. One can play sets of 2 overs at the coast of Rs.60 per set or take up annual memberships that are now open.


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