Rajini: 3D Sivaji - Biggest gift for my fans

Rajini, A.V.M. Saravanan and M.S. Guhan among others watch the preview of <i>Sivaji 3D</i>. —DC
Superstar Rajnikant surprised everyone by attending the trailer launch of the 3D version of Sivaji at the Prasad Lab Theatre on Monday evening. His appearance also put to rest rumours of his illness.

“God is always on my side,” remarked an emotionally charged Rajni, adding, “I was wondering how I would pay my fans back because I am here because of them. Without my knowledge, AVM Productions has brought this 3D version of Sivaji and they informed me only 15 days later. This is the biggest gift I can offer my fans”.

When it was pointed out that no other star had the honour of being part of the black and white era, colour and now 3D, except him, the actor said, “It is a blessing of God. I must thank AVM Saravanan and Guhan for producing, director Shankar for the grandeur and Prasad Group for the 3D conversion.”

The superstar stated that 3D was the future of cinema and if his films were to be converted into 3D, they should be action-based.

“I prefer films like Robot and Padayappa to be converted into 3D,” he added. The actor revealed that he had seen only three reels of the 3D version of Sivaji and was floored. “I didn’t watch the complete movie. It was so tempting that I requested them to repeat the song thrice.”

When queried about his much-anticipated 3D Motion Capture film Kochadaiyaan, he said: “I think I should talk about KC only during that press gathering. Anyways, since you have asked, yes, it was very difficult and challenging to work in Motion Capture Technology.”


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