Ameer resigns from Director Association Secretary post!
In a sudden development, director Ameer resigned from his post as director association’s general secretary.  Ameer has directed several hit movies as Maunam Paesiyathae, Ram and Paruththiveeran. 
Through movie Yogi, he debuted as hero. He does movie ‘Aadhibhagawan’ starring Jayam Ravi for last two years.  Not alone as director, Ameer has held positions as director association’s general secretary and head of FEFSI association.

In a development, director association’s meeting was held in the morning.  Ameer, who participated in the meeting, forwarded resignation to associate head and treasurer Jenanathan.  Although others insisted him not to resign, Ameer stuck to his decision.  Ameer reasoned that he has many schedules regarding FEFSI, and reasoned that he cannot manage more than one job at a time, and that he is directing, producing and acting in movie.  So, he said he is resigning from the post.

Amidst these, there are issues with regard to website begun by director association, issues with regard to land bought by the association. Also, reportedly, as people raise voice against Ameer with regard to some issues, Ameer resigned from the post. 

Only Ameer should come out with answer regarding which is true and which is not true.


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