Aajeedh wins Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 title [Video]

Aajeedh won the Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 Title 2012 | Winning movement performance videos

Aajeedh wins Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 title [Video]
Super Singer Junior 3 winner is Aajeedh Khalique

Aajeedh won Super Singer Junior 3 title and trophy (1st place) on grand finale day on 26th October 2012 (26.10.2012)

It was completely an astonishing winning moments for Aajith and his family members when his Ajith's name was announced as final winner. Now the entire family and fans are enjoying the delightful win for Aajeedh's victory.

The prizes were distributed to the winners by the special celebrity guest A.R.Rehman. The winner Aajeedh received 60 Lakhs worth of house from Arun Excello Group.

Aajeedh’s (SSJ 05) song selections for finals helped him to bag the title award.

Aajith (SSJ05) felt so thankful to all his supporters and fans who had voted him till now to make him to win Super Singer Junior 3 in the finals.


The show has a huge fan following. This was evident with the crowd that turned out to watch the LIVE telecast of Vijay TV’s Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 Grand Finale at Nehru Indoor Stadium, yesterday. Viewers of Tamilnadu got to select the most deserving and the talented juniors Pragati, Suganya, Aajeedh, Yazhini, Gowtham – the five finalists of Airtel Super Singer Junior got the greatest opportunity to sing in front of this huge audience. The show was shown LIVE on Vijay TV from 6:30pm.

The kids went through two rounds of singing each - Challenging songs in the first round and sang to the song of their choice in the second level. In the first round Pragathi sang Isai Arasi and Myya Myya in second round. Gowtham sang Paatum Naaney and Vidukathaya indha vazhgai. Sukanya sang Minsara Kanna and Anjali Anjali from Duet. Yazhini sang Mannavan Vandhanadi and Konjam Nilavu. Aajeedh sang Thai manney vanakkam and Santhosha Kannerey from Uyirey.

After a week long competition among the finalists and the grand finale, the voting from the people of Tamilnadu decided that Aajeedh was adjudged the winner. He received the prize of Rs.60 laksh worth town house sponsored Arun Excello from the great music director A.R. Rehman. Along with him also presented were popular singers Unni Menon, Srinivias, Unnikrishnan, Sudha Ragunathan, Vijay Prakash, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Anitha Kuppuswamy, Chithra, Mano and Subha.

The other finalists, Pragathi was awarded 5 lakh worth gold by Little Nathella and Yazhini was rewarded with 2 lakh worth gold by AVR Swarnamahal and Gowtham and Sukanya were rewarded Rs.2 lakh each by Prabhas V Care and Vijay TV.

The grand finale was beamed LIVE on Vijay TV on 26 Oct and the same will be telecast on 28 Oct 2012 from 11 am onwards.

Aajeedh won the Airtel Super Singer Junior 3 Title 2012 | Winning movement performance videos


  1. Its fake results. Other contestants are really good at their performance. aajeeth is last in finals( if they really select based on judges votes).

  2. Pragathi was also good but she was too stylish which gained her less votes compared to Aajith. Aajith will become great singer one day.

  3. This junior supersinger team is very amazing since the TWENTY MEMBERS were in it and then it became so refined and refined as the team slimmed out to ten. All ten were amazing man!

    All would agree from experience gained with ALCA and SAISWARAN that selection of songs for the final plays a BIG role in winning the challenge. Aajeeth, ALca and SAIS did very cleverly.

    Pragathy's slections were fantastic as was Alca. Suganya totally failed and was not up to the mark and was far below her normal time performance because she was UPSET to see the crowd. She is an EXCELLENT SINGER equal or delta degree more than Pragathy.

    Ajeeth and Yalini cute performers doing more than for their age is an attraction to gain marks. AAJEETH was witfully choosing the songs and YAlini always fails in the selection of right songs since long, I was noting that incapability of her parents.

    Undubtedly, as AR said Ajeeth is a BORN SINGER as is Yallini with a virtual OXYGEN CYLINDER at her back. If anyone denies to accept AAJEEDH as a super singer then some politics is behind that decision.

    Pragathi is a (short-time) well trained EXCELLENT (and CRAZY) SINGER as is SUGANYA too. Gowtham also a good singer but he tried his trick to select a song in line with "Nenjathil nalla ullam...." and failed to succeed in the final.

    Pragathi was the BEST of all to me but AAJEEDH being a kid with NO CARNARTIC background able to compete and do so well is a CREDENTIAL in my yardstick that pushes him before all these other contestants.
    SUGANYA is undoubtedly a long-time well trained direct neck-to-neck challenger for PRAGATHY. Pragathy receives little more credit because she lived in a country where Tamil and carnartic music is hardly visible in daily use. So she being from that place has achieved a challenging status to hit SUGANYA who has been soaked all times in CARNARTIC, is really adding another feather to Pragathy's hat.

    Yalini is another BORN SUPERSINGER and is too young like AAJEEDH to perform with too little knowledge in carnartic. She is also next to AAJEEDH millimeters away because they both are REAL KIDS compared to other three who are at the top of that band of age- almost ready to be SENIORS. Pragathy is age 16. So is approximately Suganya too.

    So I will finally bundle up pairs here of equal skills:- Pragathy and Suganya....Aajeedh and Yalini.. Gowtham has to stand alone last in my YARDSTICK.

    Of all these THE BIGGEST IDIOT and a BAFOON is the legendary SINGER Mano to have come inbetween and snatch the microphone from Pragathy (who was about to say an important thing) and say OUR JUDGES' mark was same for Aajeedh and Pragathy but the public vote was HALF above for Aajeedh. Is that comment warranted there? Then why NOT tell about SUGANYA or Yalini or even Gowtham where they stand..why especialliy for American NRI? Are they from WHITE HOUSE..Mano? Why are you behaving like a THIRD GRADE IDIOT ..mano? Did they pay in US Dollars behind the screen for pushing her forward to 1st place and hence could not and hence are you giving some kind of an excuse? MAno you could not have sung so many thousand songs if not for your MASKA to so many people.. and most importantly you would have been no where if VIJAY TV Was there at your time to SEEK SUPER SINGERS. Many good singers of your time would have come to light and you would have been thrown out of market. Its your MASKA people say made you survive. So don't wag your tail toooo muchhh.

    CHITHRA told at start do not take age as a criterion and so ignore it and choose the person who performs well. This had two meanings ONE is to support the oldest - her MAlayalee SUGANYA at one extreme or else to support her favourite Aajeedh the youngest. Whichever may be SHE is a REAL JUDGE who knows nooks and corners of music than any others. Very diificult to get good marks from her.
    Suba is "KOVIL MADU" or a church bell or a loud speaker in the MOSQUE.
    MANO is bafoon and a clawn in the cirucs called supersinger

  4. I don't think real talent won the day !

  5. Whoever you are who says real talent did not win on the day is an idiot! I am from South Africa and the only TV programme I watched was SSJ. Aajeedh was brilliant through out the show. Even in the grand finale he out performed all the other kids as talented as they ALL are. I don't know what you were watching!!!!!!! Aajeedh deserves to win!!!!!!!!

  6. I dont think why aajith?

  7. I think aajith was the worst performer of the day

  8. Aajith is not singing, he is simply shouting

    1. I guess u don even know ABCD of singing
      Plz stop speaking shit

  9. Aajeedh is the real winner. Those didn't agree with this should had been there to see live. My god , I went to india just to watch Aajeedh Performance and was shocked the audience craze when he just walk in. All the judges were giving standing ovation to him. I love aajeedh.

  10. Aajeeth was cute..but pragathi deserved to win!

  11. people who just love music knows to their heart level that ajeedh is a singer with all the talents that others have strived very hard by working many many years to achieve and thats GODS gift to him and whoever disgrace sit go and hear all his performances and you will have to shut your mouths


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