Bidushi Dash Barde murdered

Bidushi Dash Barde found murdered

After we heard the death news of young actress Shubha Phutela, now Bidushi Dash Barde, a former Miss Chennai and South Indian actor-model was found dead in her own flat in Mumbai, on Monday night.

Bidushi has acted in Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu and has recently got married to Mumbai based software engineer Kedar Barde. Bidushi's husband was the first person to find her lying in a pool of blood at their residence and rushed her to the hospital immediately, who then heard Bidushi was already dead from the doctor.

According to the police, Bidushi had sustained a deep wound on the head and had nail marks on her right cheek and neck. And based on the post-mortem reports, Mumbai police have registered a murder case on unidentified person. Bidushi's father said that his daughter was very happy in Mumbai and had never fought with anyone.

KollyInsider conveys its deep condolences and strength to Bidushi Dash Barde's family and R.I.P Bidushi…


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