K J Yesudhas's magic once again after 50 years

'Moodar Koodam' is a black comedy based on Gautama Buddha’s saying “It’s better to travel well than to arrive”, a thorough entertainer, scripted and filmed in a way to make the audience laugh, have fun and if possible think.
Scripted and directed by debutant Naveen who has assisted director Chimbu Deven in ‘Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikecei’, ‘Arai En 305il Kadavul’ and Director Pandiraj in national award winning ‘Pasanga’.

As the script subtly deals with the meaning and purpose of life, the climax song needed to be more philosophical. According to me the song 'neeyum bommai naanum bommai' from the 1963 cult classic movie 'Bommai' directed by the legendary director S.Balachander is the best song that explains life in a more philosophical but rather simpler way.

Director Naveen thought a remix version of the song with the same lyrics and mesmerizing voice of Yesudhas sir would do more justice to the climax of the film. ” After finishing the track, we visited S.balachnder sir's Mylapore house, met his family members and told them about our idea of remixing and using the song in our movie and played the track for them. After hearing the remixed version, srimiti Vasantha Balachander and Mr.S.B.Raman (son of S.Balachander), readily agreed and issued a legal NOC for the usage of the song in our film”

He adds, ” Later when we were planning to proceed with the recording, I thought that reaching Yesudhas sir will be a herculean task for an independent filmmaker like me and decided to record the song with Vijay Yesudhas's voice. Vijay listened to the track and was very impressed. he himself suggested that none other than the legend himself can do justice to the song. He played the track to Yesudhas sir and Yesudhas sir immediately accepted to sing the song.

Yesudhas sir has recreated his magic once again after 50 years with this song. He was very pleased with the way the song has been remixed. He appreciated music director Natarajan Sankaran for having preserved the soul of the song while remixing it. He recorded the song in 20 minutes and shared his experience for more than an hour and a half. I would cherish those 2 hours with the legend throughout my life. I consider it a boon. It makes us feel proud to present the classic song 'Neeyum Bommai Naanum Bommi' to the present day audience.”


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