KV Anand talks about directing Rajini, Ajith and Vijay [Interview]

KV Anand speaks about Rajinikanth, Ajith and Vijay
KV Anand seems to be a happy man, as his latest film Maattrraan starring Surya and Kajal Aggarwal is doing good business at the Box Office. The choreographer-turned-director is going all out for the promotions of the recently released movie.
His next movie has been in the news for a while. There are frequent rumors about KV Anand having plans to do a film with Superstar Rajinikanth. Of late, we heard that the filmmaker would direct superstar Rajinikanth and the talks were on. Prior to that it was said that Anand would make a film either with Ajith Kumar or Vijay.

However, KV Anand, who was on Sun TV to promote Maattrraan, clarified the rumours of him directing Rajinikanth and other actors. He also spoke about Surya and the actor’s effort for the perfection in Maattrraan.

KV Anand talks about directing Rajini, Ajith and Vijay [Interview]

Is He Planning To Work With Ajith Or Vijay?

KV Anand said that he shares a good friendship with Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Ajith Kumar. His association with them dates back to his cinematographer days, where he was the director of photography in some of their films like Nerrukku Ner, etc.

If he comes across a good story, he would definitely like to work with Ajith and Vijay.

Is He Game For Rajini Film?

KV Anand as a cinematographer had worked with Rajinikanth's blockbuster Sivaji directed by Shankar. It is from these days, he shared good bonding with the superstar.

In the recent times, there were lots of speculation about KV Anand gearing up for Rajini film. The director says that directing the superstar is no joke and it demands a lot of preparation. His fans have huge expectations from him and he completely understands it. He needs more time to make a film with Rajini and he hopes, it will happen someday.

Which Is His Best Film Till Date?

KV Anand claims that movie Kana Kandaen, which was his first film as a director, is his best cinema. It was a huge challenge for him to venture into direction department and the experience was great. After his debut film, he went on to direct two superhit films: Ayan and Ko. His latest is Maattrraan.

About Surya...

KV Anand believes that Surya is a wonderful actor, who is dedicated to perfection. He also appreciated the hard work of the Ghajini star and said that the actor deserves five times more remuneration than he was paid for Maattrraan.

Will You Ever Don Grease Paint?

Many directors have turned actors in the recent years. Does he have any plan of acting in films? KV Anand is happy to be working behind the scenes and not keen on acting in movies. The cinematographer-turned-director don't think that he would act in films.

The director’s recent Maattrraan seems to have ruffled the industry thanks to the myriad reviews flying around but he sure has bigger plans up his sleeve. An announcement on his next is eagerly awaited.


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