Paradesi was Inspiring & challenging - GV Prakash

Paradesi was a challenge: GV Prakash 
He is amongst the youngest music directors in the industry. But his talent far exceeds his age. GV Prakash, in an exclusive chat with us, talks about his latest album Paradesi and how it was working with Bala and the challenges of a period film…

How many songs are there in Paradesi?
There are a total of five songs with a lot of variety. For instance one is fast, one romantic, one classical and one travel song…

You have used many newcomers?
Yes I have used the voices of 2 newcomers, Yasin and Pragathi. Vandana who sang a song inThaandavam has sung Avatha Paiya with Yasin. The song is already rocking on the Internet.

What is the response to the music so far?
It is amazing. The audio has just released and I am already getting congratulatory messages on my social networking sites. The BGM is a hit amongst listeners. I am very happy. The one track Avatha paiya is a huge hit.

What was the challenge of working in a period film? Tell us about the instruments used…
I had to create the music of the 1940s that too keeping in mind a particular tribe. So it had to have a tribal and native feel. I used a lot of skin based percussions. Its been treated like world music. I have also used many ragas to lend a classical touch likesubhapanthurali and sivaranjini to give an ethnic touch.

How was it working with Bala for the first time?
It was very inspiring. He gave me a lot of freedom and okayed it at one go when he liked the music. He actually shot the songs and then gave it to me to make the music. It was a different experience. I even went to Valpaarai to compose the songs on location to get a feel of the era and the tea estates etc.


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