'Totally stunned by Kamal's brilliance' says Hollywood Director Ang Lee

'Totally stunned by Kamal's brilliance' says Hollywood Director Ang Lee
Ang Lee is a popular Hollywood director. Many of his films have fetched Oscar Awards. He has recently directed the film titled Life of Pi which has Hindi actors Tabu and Irrfan Khan in the cast. The director is touring in India to promote this film.

When Ang Lee was here in Chennai city for the film's promotions., he was conversing with actor Kamal Haasan for a long time.

He was interviewed by Kamal Hassan and said that he has always admired Ulaganayagan's work and was happy to have met him.

At that time, Kamal had screened the trailer of Viswaroobam to Ang Lee. Ang Lee after seeing the trailer appreciated Kamal Haasan very much.

An exclusive 3D footage of Life of Pi was screened which was attended by several prominent film-makers from southern film industry.
Ang Lee said, "I am totally stunned by Kamal Haasan's brilliance. I never thought that he would know so much about me and my films. Inspired would be the word. He is not only an amazing actor but a great human being who knows everything about world class cinema. I am happy to have interviewed by him."
Ang Lee while speaking about Kamal said, "Kamal’s Viswaroobam trailer was very astounding. People who cannot understand the language will be able to understand if they see the trailer. I could see his intelligence. He has also known the matters about me which even I don’t know. He is working in cinema with dedication. I never thought he will know about me and my films so much. Not only he is a big actor but he has also humanities. He is well versed in World Cinema. I am really happy to meet actor Kamal Haasan."


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