Ajith continuous shoot after heavy injury!

Ajith continuous acting after heavy injury!
Ajith’s risks with his action sequences and his will to keep pushing and performing are well-known.
All his recent movies have featured some daredevil stunt sequences and his fans have been wowed by his moves on screen.

Looks like this trait of his was evident as early as 2002 itself in Ezhil’s movie Raja. Kanal Kannan was the stunt choreographer for this film but on that day his assistant was in charge.

The shooting was happening in Vizag and during a sequence, an auto collided with Ajith and as a result his hand became heavily swollen. Seeing the impact, the director and his crew felt that Ajith must have definitely fractured his hands as the glasses in the auto were shattered and Ajith was toppled over a couple of times and then crash-landed.

Post this accident, Ajith just quietly went into his caravan and the crew was uncertain about what to do at this moment. They were evaluating whether to take their star to a nearby hospital.

But after a few moments, Ajith came out of his caravan and said that he was ready for the next shot. He took the services of just some healing oils and ointments and was in readiness for the shot as he didn’t want to delay the shoots and waste the time of his team.

The swelling bulge on his hand was still there and he even refused the requests of his director to go for an X-Ray checkup. Ezhil was amazed by the dedication and will power of Ajith and recollected this incident fondly.


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