Gautham Menon dislikes 'Top Directors salary report'

Gautham Menon dislikes 'Top Directors salary report'
After actor salary report published by a Tamil weekly last week, one of the leading national dailies has published the salaries and ranking of leading directors in Tamil movie industry.

The report claimed that this is based on internal industry sources. This director salary report has been received with mixed response since these reports tend to create an 'anchoring bias' as new producers trying to book these leading directors will be influenced or will use it to their advantage during negotiations.

Rank Director Salary in INR ₹ 
1 Shankar 15 Cr
2 AR Murugadoss  12 Cr
3 Mani Ratnam  5 Cr
4 KV Anand  5 Cr
5 Bala 5 Cr
6 Selvaraghavan 4 Cr
7 KS Ravikumar 4 Cr
8 Gautham Menon 4 Cr
9 Lingusamy 4 Cr
10 Hari  4 Cr
11 Venkat Prabhu 3 Cr
12 AL Vijay 3 Cr
13 Rajesh 3 Cr
As per Times of India Report, March 23, 2013

Gautham Menon hits back at popular daily

Even though these salary and net-worth reports about stars are very common in entertainment industry, Gautham Menon didn't take this report lightly and sharply hit back at the reporters and the daily in his message posted on social media channel,
"Wow, my filmmaking skills are worth 4 crores is it? My friends from engineering will be jealous and some happy...pegged market value for Mani sir? Is that even done? These guys can write anything for the public to read? is that even allowed? Who are your sources? Do you people have any idea? Who gives you the right to print such stuff?

Some days ago you guys criticized national award winning director Bala sir about his buying a house in poes garden. So? What's your problem? If Bala sir talks about making films on the poor and the downtrodden, he shouldn't live in a decent place is it? and that too after so many years of struggle and great filmmaking? Who gives you the right to get personal with any one of us?

We don't want any response from anybody. Just leave us alone. Our films ran for hundred days when their columns weren't even thought of. Today isn't about the media, a paper, a supplement or a person. This is against misrepresentation of facts and an invasion of our privacy. I thought it's basic etiquette taught at the age of 5 to not ask a woman how old she is and a man how much he earns.

This is not just about me. I speak on behalf of my colleagues (those who have been mentioned or overlooked) who feel the same way."


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