Kollywood Actor - Actress hunger strike on April 2

Kollywood actors will be going on fast on April 2. Nadigar Sangam will go on a token fast on that day at Nadigar Sangam premises against Sri lankan war killings.

The Sri Lankan issue has snow balled in Tamil Nadu. After director's union staged a successful one-day token fast, now it is the turn of Nadigar Sangam to prove that they support the cause.

The leading actors Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan has agreed to take part in the one-day strike, which will give it a tremendous reach.

All shooting on April 2 will remain suspended.


  1. Thanks.! Hope this will help these fools to get rid from this world.! IDIOTS of TN (The curse of India)

  2. People who follow these actors are fools. These actors and politicians have been fooling and cheating the people of TN for long. They are the biggest culprits. When Loyola students were on hunger strike, why didn't these actors support them? Only one person went to the spot and that was Simbu. I am no fan of any of these guys.


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