Lakshmi Rai's Marriage on Music Channel

Don’t panic! Lakshmi Rai hasn’t got married yet. But the pretty lady almost got married recently during an television show to an unknown person claiming to be her fan.
Well that was what she thought initially, as the television crew of a popular Tamil music channel played a prank on her.

One of the crew member posed as her fan and while talking to her suddenly took out a ‘thaali’ (mangalsutra) asking her to marry him. Though the pretty actress who sizzles in all her movie had a thought crossing her mind that the crew were playing a prank, the presence of mind and some natural acting by the crew member made her believe that the person was indeed a fan trying to marry her.

Lakshmi Rai said “Oh god! Can’t believe myself I got fooled by these guys ! But it was fun n m happy u all enjoyed.”

The show was hilarious with one of the host trying to help Lakshmi Rai and the other in fact first tried to help her and then turned supportive to the acting crew member. Well when the truth was revealed the sexy actress was a sport and enjoyed the show along with the audience.

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