Shankar - PC Sreeram Ego Clash, Vikram's I Shooting stopped

Shankar - PC Sreeram Ego Clash, Vikram's I
Shankar's next big budgeted film 'I' is being made at a budget of more than 150 crores, which makes it the costliest movie ever made, beating the previous record held by Superstar's 'Enthiran'.

The Latest buzz on the movie is that, there has been a clash of ego between the director Shankar and cameraman PC Sreeram, the reason being PC Sreeram having stuck to his own ideas ignoring the requests of Shankar, which made Shankar protest on whether who the real director of the movie was.

Irked by this protest PC Sreeram abandoned the movie shooting and left for chennai , But Shankar did try to shoot these scenes using the assistant camera-mans , but these scenes weren't up to the standard , Disappointed Shankar seems to have approached other big cameramans from Kollywood but they rejected the offer citing the reason PC Sreeram being their Guru, Shankar who was left with no other option flew down to chennai with Vikram to PC Sreeram's residence, where the duo have sorted out their differences and the movie shooting which was at standstill has been resumed again.

Confirms another source...

Following film ‘Nanban’, Shankar is into instruction of film ‘I’ starring Vikram.  Like for each other try finished by Shankar, universe famous technicians are into Shankar’s ‘I’.  

PC Sriram does cinematography for a movie.  Presently, enormous set imitative Chinese locations has been lifted in Kodaikanal and portions of a film are being shot.

But then, there was disproportion of opinion between Shankar and PC Sriram.  As Shankar suggested that some scenes be shot as he desires, PC Sriram seems to have stranded to his choice.  That resulted in ego strife between PC Sriram and Shankar.  At one stage, Shankar seems to have protested seeking either he is director, or PC Sriram is executive to a movie. 

PC Sriram vented his madness on Shankar by abandoning sharpened schedules and holding moody behind to Chennai.  Due to a remarkable disastrous development, a film sharpened came to a standstill. 

So, Shankar shot scenes of a film with assistance from cameramen who are his relatives.  But as a scenes did not come out as Shankar desired, he forwarded invitation to some large cameramen.  But, those cameramen stranded to their process that they would not take adult a report deserted by their favourite cameraman PC Sriram.  Thus, they deserted invitation by Shankar to hoop camera.  

Shankar, who had no other resort, seems to have stepped down.  Shankar, along with favourite for a movie, Vikram took moody to Chennai and incited adult during PC Sriram’s residence.  There, he got into efforts for gentle settlement.  As Shankar stepped down, PC Sriram also relented.  Thus, a film shooting, that was behind for few days, has now resumed.


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