Vijay's Madurai Jilla House for one Crore

Vijay's Madurai Jilla
The movie was just launched yesterday and news is already trickling out about the flick. We hear that a Madurai-style house has been designed — and at a cost of one crore rupees!

Quiz the director of the film Nesan about this and he confirms saying, "Vijay, who plays Jilla in the film, is a Madurai-based guy. Though we will be shooting in some parts of Madurai for the flick, we are planning to erect a typical Madurai style home in Chennai for the shoot. The story is a family entertainer, which has a lot of scenes that need to be shot inside a house and hence the set." Ask him if Vijay will be speaking typical Madurai slang and he says, "Though Vijay will not be talking Madurai slang in the flick, he will be mouthing a few Madurai-style dialogues."

Apparently, the scenes between Mohanlal, who plays a mentoring role, and Vijay are emotionally charged. This movie is said to be one of Vijay's big budget films (rumoured to be about 60 crore) but Nesan says, "We have not decided anything about the budget yet." The movie is set to kick-start in the city in May.


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