Ajith has some advice for youths trying in Kollywood!

Ajith, seems to be in advising mood and he starts advising who ever he come across.

All these days, through news letters and circulars, used to give advice to his fans and later to youths.
Now he has adviced fellow collegues who are young and seeking a career in Kollywood.

The theme of his advice to them was “Pay tax properly and work very hard”

“Pay tax regularly and properly. Hard work has no compromise. Respect your seniors – not the one in industry – but in your family. Remember to spend time with your family members. Share your earnings with poor and needy” Ajith’s advice went further in this same tone.

He continued “Never force your thinking in others’ life and at the same time never allow others to force their idiology in you”

Ajith further said “Live, let others live. Never calculate money while selecting the person with whom you want to work – decide only on talents and never money. Never allow money to decide your career”

Concluding Ajith said “The details I discussed with you are the one I learnt from my life.”


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