Kopperundevi, a movie with 18 comedians | Trisha denies her part

Kopperundevi could be the first Tamil cinema to feature as many as 18 comedy artists. The film, which is directed by newcomer Hrushikesh Achuthan Shankar, has actors like Urvashi, Kovai Sarala, VTV Ganesh, Devadarshini, Singampuli, Venniradai Moorthy, Delhi Ganesh and many others playing pivotal roles.

The film was earlier in the news when rumours did the rounds that Trisha was part of the cast. An official press release has however dismissed the news as a rumour. However, the makers admit that they did approach Trisha to play the part. It looks like another renowned actress has been roped in for the role but the name has been held back to maintain suspense.

The film, we hear, is about a group of people who bump into a treasure, which is guarded by a spirit. The film, we hear, will have a 20-minute graphics. This is keeping in mind the summer vacation, when children would flood the theatres along with their parents.


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