YouTube - outrageous detriment to movies, worried SP Jananathan

YouTube - outrageous detriment to movies, says SP Jananathan
Audio launch for film ‘Mathapoo’ destined by ‘Thinanthorum’ Nagaraj was hold yesterday. Nagaraj has taken adult instruction of film after substantial gap.

Noted cine icons including executive Bhagyaraj, SP Jananathan, Balasekaran, Azhagam Perumal, Pandiraj, Suseenthiran, Sasi, Kalanjiyam, lyricist Na Muthukumar, author Ajayan Bala participated in a audio launch and wished a film crew.

Everybody who was there for a audio launch appreciated Nagaraj’s talent and wished him each success in cine field. But, debate by SP Jananathan, who is treasurer for director’s association, incited out different. He conveyed his worry about a state of affairs in cine field.

Here are excerpts from debate by SP Jananathan: -

‘Just go and check out YouTube. All of a cinema expelled are accessible in Full HD. Movie ‘Nanban’ destined by Shankar has been downloaded by as most as 50 lakh people for viewing.

Movie ‘Thadaiyara Thaakka’, destined by Magizh Thirumeni, starring Arun Vijay has been downloaded and noticed by 20 lakh people. When one compares this with screening of a film in theatres, it is homogeneous to 25 days of a movie’s screening in theatre. The viewers do not get it giveaway of cost.

Since a film is Full HD one, it would cost about Rs 100 for a chairman to download a movie. So, a fan is prepared to spend Rs 100 for a movie. If it is Rs 100 for one person, afterwards calculate how most it is for 20 lakh people.

But, a outrageous volume does not go to a writer or director. As per their account, a film has incurred loss. This most of detriment is incurred by YouTube. Also, there is outrageous detriment as a film is accessible in pirated VCD websites, and pirated VCDs. This is something to be contemplated over’, pronounced SP Jananathan with anguish.


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