Amala Paul - Anjali war!

Amala Paul Anjali
Actress Anjali vanished for a week and is back. Now she is busily into movies. Anjali has about half a dozen movies in her native Andhra. Now, a movie chance meant for Amala Paul has shifted to Anjali's hands.

Out of embitterment in relationship with her stepmother, Anjali has turned a full-time Telugu actress. When anybody from Kodambakkam approaches her for movie, she says 'I am busily doing Telugu movies. So, I do not have call-sheet for Tamil movies. I would consider doing Tamil movies later.'

Actresses as Samantha, Amala Paul and Tamannaah are into glamour in Telugu. Anjali is striving to surpass them. Out of efforts by Anjali, a movie chance meant for Amala Paul shifted hands to Anjali.
Amala Paul was used to doing movies silently. But now, she is into activities against Anjali. Now, she is keenly into efforts to grab movie chances meant for Anjali.

Amala Paul has reduced her salary and is prepared to do abundant glamour.


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