Lakshmi Rai says no for acting without blouse

Lakshmi Rai says no for acting without blouse
Lakshmi Rai refused to act without wearing blouse and because of this the role went to Iniya in the film Masani.
Director LGR while speaking about this said, “Romance blossoms between the upper crust youngster and a lower crust girl.

The sister-in-law of the youngster who is cast fanatic opposes this love. At this juncture, the lower crust girl becomes pregnant.

This angers the sister-in-law. She murders both of them. The murdered come in the form of ghosts and take revenge on her. Ramki who was not acting for the last ten years is again making his re-entry as hero.

Iniya dons the role of his love interest. As per the story, the heroine should not wear blouse. I approached Lakshmi Rai for the female lead role. When I said that she has to act without wearing blouse, she refused.

Later on when I explained the significance of this to Iniya, she agreed. Others in the cast are Roja, Sarath Babu, Manobala and Chittibabu.

The shooting of this film produced by M S Saravanan has taken place in Madurai, Udumalpet, Pollachi and Karaikudi. Raja Guru has handled the camera while Fazil has composed the music.”


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