Maniratnam’s next with Gautham Karthik again

Maniratnam’s next with Gautham Karthik again
A director who is synonymous for hardwork and brilliancy in delivering it, is our very own Maniratnam. He is not quite unscathed by the average grossing “Kadal” and is already busy scripting off his next.

There were rounds of gossip around K-Town that Mani’s next feature film will also have Gautham Karthik in the lead.

Now the latest buzz is that the director is keen on acting his best cast back in that film. He is known to have repeated his best actors in most of his films, with the likes of Madhavan, Arvind swamy. Now the duo along with Gautam Karthick might be cast in his upcoming flick with the director himself scripting for the movie. His for long expected “Lajjo” might be revived as well after all these years. So yes, the star is raring and set to go.


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