Guru Smaran vouches for different narrative styles

Guru Smaran vouches for different narrative styles

Thanks to the box-office success of a few offbeat Tamil films in the recent past, audiences have become more receptive than before towards unusual narrative styles, feels techie-turned-filmmaker Guru Smaran and adds that producers have become flexible too.

Guru's debut Tamil dark-comedy "Kanneer Anjali", which has garnered a lot of attention from a private screening, boasts an abnormal narrative style.

"I believe audiences have always been open to different styles of narration. Lately, they seem to be more welcoming because of an increase in the number of films with out-of-the-box narrative approach," Guru said.

Some of the recent successful Tamil films with quirky storyline that clicked include "Pizza", "Soodhu Kavvum", "Neram" and "Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom".

He, however, added: "Audiences like to be spoon-fed occasionally because not everybody can follow new style of recitation."

Guru uploaded his film on YouTube barely months after he made it.

Are you happy with the feedback?

"By and large everybody liked it. Some complained about the explicit language used in the film. I didn't mind because I made the film for young male adults. Moreover, it's a dark comedy and the language here defines the spirit of the film," said Guru.

Made on a budget of Rs.4.75 lakh, "Kanneer Anjali" took nearly three years to be completed.

"The first draft nearly took me two years and then I had to rewrite it. In the process, I learned that for any wannabe filmmaker it is very important to keep his or her first film simple. The more you complicate the script, the longer it takes to execute it," he added.

Guru's "Kanneer Anjali" is the story of two friends on a road trip to pay homage to a friend they have recently lost. He wants to incorporate some changes in the script, based on the feedback from the screening. So his immediate goal is to find a producer to help him re-shoot "Kanneer Anjali".

"I'm reworking on the script based on the feedback from the private screening. I think the learning has been immense from the feedback. I'm trying to find a producer who could back my film," he said.

Producers are more open to fresh stories these days.

"Producers now are very open than before. They are more approachable and I think we are in a very good time. The scenario has changed in the last few years for the better," he said.

But he admits that making a good film is an uphill task.

"Anyone can make a film, today, but not a good film. A bad film, even on digital platform, will only earn the wrath of the netizens," added Guru.

"Kanneer Anjali" mostly features first timers, and Guru believes working with a team you know is always resourceful.

"I worked with people I knew because I feel having a team is good for a debutant director. Even though newcomers might not be fast learners, their presence is good because you share a personal rapport with them and it eventually helps overcome shortcomings," he added.


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