Rajinikanth is oblivious to his superstar status

Tell Rukmini that her films so far have either got her playing a dancer, or someone who is involved with dance in some way, and she laughs, “I played a dancer in my Tamil debut, Bharathirajaa’s Bommalattam. I guess people started associating dance with me because I am essentially a dancer.”

She adds, “There was a dance sequence in my second Tamil film Ananda Thaandavam. Even in Kochadaiiyan, in which I play Rajinikanth’s sister, Soundarya Rajinikanth included a short dance sequence for me.”

So, what’s it like to work with Rajinikanth? “First, working on an animated film proved to be a completely different experience. We shot at the Pinewoods Studio in London, the same place where several James Bond films were shot. We had to shoot wearing body suits amid 100 cameras that were focussed on us. As for Rajinikanth, it was an honour working with him. Even on the set, he is oblivious to his superstar status. He’s so friendly, humble and down-to-earth,” she smiles.

Meanwhile, Rukmini recently tied the knot with Rohan Menon. “But I want my personal life to stay personal,” she states.


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