Thalaiva’s non-release will bring my family to streets, says producer

Even as pirated DVDs and torrents of the controversy-ridden 'Thalaivaa' are increasingly flooding Tamil Nadu, the film's distraught producer Chandraprakash Jain said "I will be brought to the streets with my family", if the film didn’t release this weekend.

Reiterating that he had invested most of his money in the Vijay-starrer, the producer said that he was "losing crores of rupees" as the film's release in Tamil Nadu was getting delayed.

Members of Vijay's fan clubs have been actively rifling through pirated movie markets and reporting vendors selling pirated rips of Thalaivaa.

"The police and my fans have been very helpful in this matter. But things will be very bad for us if everyone watches this film online or on a pirated disc. I have never said that my films have been extraordinary or will do well. But this time, I am openly saying that this film is one that everyone will love. So please be patient and watch it when it releases in the next few days," appealed the actor, in a video statement posted by his manager. The sight of a tearful Vijay, literally begging for help, pushed fans and Kollywood twitterati to come out in support of the actor and his stalled film.

'Thalaivaa', starring Vijay, Amala Paul, Santhanam and Sathyaraj was slated for release on August 9, when several issues derailed it's Tamil Nadu release. Between a bomb threat issued by a student revolutionary group to theatres, issues with the film's tax waiver certificate and its alleged political content, the film's release in Tamil Nadu was put on hold at the last moment. "We were unable to stop the film's release in other countries and other states, that's why it has released there. But for us Tamil Nadu is very important and the entire crew is upset and worried. We're all wondering every morning if our film will release that day," said Vijay, in a recorded statement. The film has been doing well overseas and was sold for a record amount in TN, as it was set to release on over 550 screens.

Both Vijay and Jain stressed that they were anxiously awaiting an appointment with the CM to seek her help in this matter, "She is everything for Tamil Nadu and if she interferes in this matter and helps us release our film, then we will be eternally grateful," said Jain, who broke down at this point.

The film was believed to have been made on a budget of over `60 crore. The film's director AL Vijay clarified that Sathyaraj's character (called Anna in the film) bore that name because that's what "most Tamilians in Mumbai are called". He insisted that it had no political subtext, nor was it based on any real character.


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