Vijay saddened over fan's suicide

Vijay saddened over fan's suicide

Vijay said he is saddened by the death of his 20-year-old ardent fan, who committed suicide on Saturday after not being able to watch the actor's new film "Thalaivaa", stalled from releasing in Tamil Nadu.

A police official said that the fan was upset that he couldn't see the film on release day despite travelling to neighboring Kerala (30 km away) as he couldn't get a ticket. Barring Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, "Thalaivaa" was released in all neighboring states, including Kerala.

Reacting to the news, Vijay said in a statement: "I request all my fans to show restraint. Please be patient, 'Thalaivaa' will release soon. I'm shocked to hear about Vishnu's death. All my fans are like my brothers and this is certainly the saddest day of my life".

"I don't know how to console Vishnu's family for their loss. If you love me and believe that I love you as much then please don't indulge in such acts," he added.

Vijay's "Thalaivaa", released worldwide on Aug 9th, except in Tamil Nadu, where its release remains stalled for several unclear reasons. One of the reasons is that some theatre owners received threats from an outfit that opposed the release of the film.


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