Want Ajith To Promote Arrambam?

Ajith Kumar is the one actor in Tamil film industry who never appears in promotional events of his films. The actor neither attends any of the press meets of his movies nor he will take part in TV/Radio promotional campaigns. He has been following this from ages. But now, the fans of his actor are eagerly waiting to see whether the Thala will break the rule set by himself, as his movie Arrambam is getting ready for the release.

The Billa star has always kept himself out of promotional campaigns. Ajith Kumar believes that a good movie doesn’t need promotions and there is not bigger publicity than good words-of-mouth from audience. According to him, a well-made movie will automatically draw people’s attention. Hence, he has refused to take part in any publicity programmes of his movie. But he has never stopped his teams from promoting his flicks.

Now, the time for his yet another movie release has arrived and his hardcore fans are keen to know whether the Arrambam will be a beginning of Thala taking part in promotional campaigns. Well, his fans desperately want to see him on public platforms. Continue reading the story on the slideshow…

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