All in All Azhagu Raja Tobacco joke removed in censors!

All in All Azhagu Raja tobacco
It is known, Karthi and Kajal Agarwal starred All in All Azhaguraja is censored with clean U. Now we hear, director Rajesh M. had to cut the Tobacco cracker seen over Mukesh as per the orders of censor board.

"Yes, censor board requested to remove the Tobacco scene. Karthi's All in All Azhaguraja has many entertaining elements. We don't want to carry controversial scenes that offend someone and so we've removed it and got U certificate," said Rajesh.

Studio Green's All in All Azhaguraja is a Tamil rom com with 2 hours 55 minutes running time that casts Santhanam, Radhika Apte, Prabhu, Saranya Ponvannan in key roles and has music by SS Thaman.

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santhanam-Karthi Gutka Scene
Santhanam-Karthi Gutka Scene
Bowing to pressure from various quarters, director M. Rajesh has finally deleted the controversial gutka-ridiculing sequence featuring Santhanam in his upcoming film All in All Azhagu Raja which is scheduled to release on Deepavali (02nd November).

Santhanam had ridiculed the Government’s campaign against gutka and tobacco use which is aired in the form of a short documentary that is aired in theatres for the past many months now. It shows an youth named Mukesh speaking in coarse voice who dies later due to his throat cancer. Santhanam’s take-off on this sequence featured widely in the trailer of All in Azhagu Raja released recently.

This elicited strong reaction from anti-tobacco campaigners who demanded deletion of the said sequence. Rajesh put up a brave face saying that the sequence wasn’t meant to ridicule the anti-tobacco film by the Government. He said that Santhanam was merely imitating the voice shown to be that of Mukesh and in the end, he managed to convince Karthi, the hero, not to smoke in that particular sequence in the film.

The Tamil Nadu Tobacco Control People’s Movement had lodged a formal complaint against this with the State Government and demanded deletion of the sequence from the film. Despite his reasoning that the said sequence was itself a campaign for not smoking tobacco/cigars, Rajesh has now gone ahead and deleted the sequence, apparently at the behest of the Censor Board officials who had earlier passed the film with an ‘U’ certification.


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