It's when Kamal's salary ₹ 27000 and Rajini's salary ₹ 2500

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Yesterday the digital version of 16 vayathiniley trailer launch happened at Chennai. Rajini, Kamal, Bharathiraja, Parthiban, Bhagyaraj and many others attended the function.
Speaking at the trailer launch Bharathiraja said 16 vayathiniley was my first film and at the time Kamal was a big hero, we have signed Kamal for Rupees 27000 .

Bharathiraja added when I signed Rajini for the Parratai role , Rajini asked for 5000 Rs and I negotiated his payment for 3000, later we offered him only 2500. 16 vayathiniley was made with just 28 rolls , speaking at the function Rajini said Rajkannu the producer of 16 vayathiniley is a self esteemed person and in cinema a self esteemed person cannot make more films.

Rajini added when Kamal's Vishwaroopam was facing release issue, Rajkannu openly said that he will give the money he get from the release of 16 vayathinley digital version to Kamal and this is one example that he is a gem of a person.

Rajini also said when Rajkannu met me to invite for this trailer launch I asked him whether all the money of this release will reach him, he said yes and I immediately agreed to attend this function. Rajini concluded by saying that every man will go through a bad phase but it is not permanent , sooner or later life will change.

Speaking at the function Kamal said " I'm here for the self –confidence of entire 16 vayathiniley team, just like a PRO I advertised 16 vayathiniley during its release. A trade pundit of that time has said 16 vayathiniley will be a definite flop but later it went on to become as one of the biggest blockbuster of our times.

Kamal concluded by saying about his friendship between Rajini that "despite middlemen our friendship remains intact and all the credits goes only to myself and Rajini"


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