Nazriya about Naiyaandi Navel scene controversy [Interview]

Nazriya Navel
Nazriya is peeved with the Naiyaandi team for using a body double for a glamorous scene in the film, which the actress had declined to shoot. The actress opens up to Times of India about the controversy.

What exactly happened? Did you know about the duped portion earlier?
I was watching the trailer recently and was shocked to find a clipping that was not shot with me. The trailer includes a quick shot of my hip. It is a separate shot and it is followed by a close-up shot of my face. The director has taken a body double for that particular hip scene, which I had refused to do. The hip that’s showed in the scene is not mine. I was not even aware of this until I watched the trailer.

Did you speak to the director about it?
Yes. I immediately called the director ( Sargunam) and he said, “You said ‘no’. So, what can we do? We had to go for a dupe.” I didn’t expect this kind of reply from him. Now, my concern is, how will the audience know that it’s not me?

You must be really upset…
I was duped. I am deeply hurt, upset and worried. Something has happened without my knowledge and I was not even informed about it. Acting is my profession, and I have certain values.

We heard that there are other issues with the costumes…
We shot a song and I was not comfortable with the costumes in that. So, I requested the producer to reshoot the song in a different costume. I also requested them not to use any photo or footage in future from the sequences that were to be scrapped, and also got an agreement signed stating so. But, the team has used a photograph from that costume for a promotional still. They now state that it happened by mistake. I’m against any photograph or footage to be used without my knowledge from that song.

Have you filed a complaint with the Nadigar Sangam?
I have asked the director to remove the ‘dupe portion’ before the film’s release. If it is not, I will file a complaint.

You seem to have handled the issue in a mature way. What would you like to tell your fans about this?
I have not worn any glamorous costumes in Naiyaandi. If the audience gets to see any glamorous pose, I would like them to know that it’s not me because I really don’t know if they have used a body double elsewhere in the film.


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